Quick way to get an idea on on where to line up design

So here is a method I use to get an idea of where I want to place a design on a piece of material and make sure that it will fit. I am sure there are other methods people use that also work well. Just throwing out what I do.

I was cutting some leather boot cuffs and cut one out and wanted to see if there is space to fit the other. So I set up the material in the glowforge and had the glowforge print a small circle in a spot on the material that I don’t really care about. This is so that I can get some starting coordinates:

^^^ I should have had the top left position coordinate selected for this but of well. I am just getting an estimate.

I then open the glowforge and carefully measure (making sure to not move the leather material) the distance of where the engraved spot is to where I will want the corner of the other boot cuff at.

I then used that measurement to set the top left corner point

And here was the results:


Interesting! When you do your measuring from the circle (photo 2 above), do you make sure the ruler is square to the Glowforge bed (either exactly perpendicular or parallel)? Seems like for exact results, that might be important.


It’s all about the use case. For this specific one I didn’t need to be exact but if someone does need to be spot on then they should. I had about .5 give or take space for accuracy.


Very helpful, thanks!


Excellent idea … thanks for sharing!

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