Quick whovian fun



Super quick post before bedtime. Per the suggestion of @mspricethelibrarian a pin on pg maple :slight_smile:

and some Gallifreyan on pg cherry.

Need to play around with the cut holes a bit more in the Gallifreyan…and may try to actually play with the language a bit to get other designs since I think it looks pretty killer (apparently there is actually a whole language key the fans have made that I never knew about!)

Good night!

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 27th, 2017

Yes…thats epic :smiley:…did you use markers for the blue coloring?


Great pieces!! Keep up the good work! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Awesome! It looks like there is a tiny jewel at the top–nice!


What’s the stain you used? Looks fantastic.


Nice, love the Tardis.


Love 'em both. :+1:


There used to be a better one out there.


I used a dark blue fine tipped sharpie…filled in an area, waited a few seconds for some of the color to seep in, then rubbed with a cloth for the weathered look. I used a tissue, which works, but falls apart after a while (and you need to use a toothbrush to get the lint out of the fine detail). I’d probably suggest using a lint-free cloth you don’t mind staining :slight_smile:


Really great work!
I keep being amazed at the result people get from Sharpie!


Not so much of a stain as a sharpie :). It works surprisingly well on pg small areas if you wait a few seconds after filling it in, and then wipe it with a tissue.


Oh nice! Thanks! I found a free google app that people apparently like, but don’t have any devices that will support it. This will work great!


Squeeeee! These are so fantastic! :grin: The necklace is amazing!


Those. Look. GREAT!!

I had to look up Gallifreyan. Holy smokes folks are clever (the @karaelena awesome twosome included).


So happy to find Whovians on here:)
My brain’s been turning waiting for my glowforge to come in when they ship. For my wife’s 5th anniversary though I had to improvise without one. This is what I came up with.

It almost fit inside :). I have photos of the complete project somewhere but I’d have to find them


Put the house inside the TARDIS. It’ll fit.

Just got back from a vacation on the ocean in our little camper. The wife has decorated the inside completely in a Dr. Who theme. Contrary to what she thinks, after a week it is not bigger on the inside.

Traveling with a Glowforge

My inner nerd approves these. :smiley:


@karaelena I love the Tardis and Gallifreyan Necklace. I finally was able to get my wife hooked on Dr Who and now she has actually watched more of it than me. I foresee many cool Whovian items in both hers and my future. :nerd:

@joshanimated I would love to see the photos! Someday I want to build a little one. :wink:


This is a guy who was on the Kenzer and Company forum boards and it took forever to find a living copy with the pictures.



That was too cool. I want a closet like that! :smile: