Quilting with the Glowforge

When I first saw the Glowforge video I thought this might be just the thing to cut out fabric for quilt applique. When my machine finally arrived the third thing I tried was to cut some adhesive backed fabric.

This is cotton fabric, backed with an iron on adhesive, (Steam-a-Seam2 light). I found I could cut all the way through the fabric, but leave enough of the backing paper to keep the parts from falling out.
Cutting all the pieces by hand would have been a pain and rather time consuming. It was much faster to use Art and Stitch ( a quilt/embroidery design program) to trace the photographed pattern. It will output an .svg file that was usable in the Glowforge.

I was able to finish the Easter Bunny Nest quilt in plenty of time for the holiday.


That’s just adorable! :smile:


Wonderful applique! I think this machine will be a real boon to those cutting fabric pieces like this. I have a Brother Scan n Cut that theoretically can do the same, but because the blades dull so quickly I have had a lot of trouble using it for this type of thing. (Actually, I haven’t used it for a year. I ought to sell it.)

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Great! Need to try cutting some fabric too! :slight_smile:

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The GlowForge is amazing for so many different mediums!

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I’ve been using the GF to cut adhesive backed felt to line my pen boxes (also made on a GF).



That looks great, thanks for sharing :rabbit:

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that looks so cute! Thanks for the tip!

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Aajr and Icronkite, what are your power and speed settings?



I’m using proofgrade medium plywood so regular settings.

For the felt?

Sorry, we were talking about fabric weren’t we?
I don’t remember and the more I think about it, I think I cut it with a paper cutter.
My only excuse is senility.


I used 50% power, speed 400. If i went down to 45% power it did not cut all the way through the paper backing.


Thanks - gotta try that tonight!

Love the concept and the design. The colors really pop!

That’s a cool pen! Had to zoom in to make sure it really is a PCB. How on earth do you wrap it around the pen?

It has to be sanded real thin, wrapped around a brass tube and encapsulated with clear polyresin. Turned. polished and assembled.

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resin allows for some really cool pens. my father in law turns pens. one of my favorites is the one made of corn cob and resin.

I like the corn cob pen too. It is treated, like a lot of other spalted (partially decayed) woods, by impregnating the material with resin under vacuum.