Rack-Star or cover band?


Sorry about the title, couldn’t help it. I don’t expect anyone to necessarily know, though this forum regularly surprises me, anyone have any experience with the Rack-Star from Rowmark (special bed for laser cutters)? Would be an interesting accessory to a Glowforge if they happened to fit. They claim they have multiple sizes to fit different machines, sure Glowforge isn’t on their list yet :slight_smile: http://www.rackstarlasersystem.com


If it isn’t on their radar yet it’s only a matter of time. With thousands of new laser cutters suddenly showing up it would be a market opportunity not to be missed.


Like the concept, but at $650 for the GlowForge size, hard to see that being on the shopping list.


Oooo that looks awesome. Not for the price, but I don tthink itll be too hard to make something of that nature.


Rack-Star has come up a couple times in the past on the forums and lead me to take a close look. I loved the design but, like others have said, the price point makes its value questionable for my needs.


That’s funny, I did a search before I posted, and even just now and nothing shows. Gotta’ love Discourse sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:


You spelled it wrong. It’s “rackstar” in the post from July. :slight_smile:


That explains it. Looked like two words on their website :slight_smile:


It is. The original poster spelled it wrong fire. It’s 2 words - “Rack Star ™” on their site.

Now it’s spelled both ways in this thread so people will find it next time it comes up :slight_smile:


It’s really pricey, I think that make a jig for every specific job is better (and cheaper)


@karaelena designed a little piece of acrylic to hold material off the honeycomb grid, and another piece for doing round shaped items (small). Why would we buy something like this when we could make similar items on the GF? - Rich

Edit: See topics Flash Dance or Manual Rotary Indexer for @karaelena’s ingenuity. - Rich