Random dots in design that shouldn't be there

I’ve created an SVG file using Inkscape (which is a new software to me) and the image looks clean, but when I upload it to Glowforge, there are small dots in the image that should not be there. I cannot figure out how to fix it! Any advice?

Thank you in advance!

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How did you create this image in Inkscape. Tiny dots are often the background of photos/images that have not had their background removed.


The presents were free SVG files from online that I edited. The present one on the right had hearts that I erased and the one on the left had dots that were irregular shapes that I erased and made new dots.

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In Inkscape, choose outline view and see if you can identify additional nodes that need to be deleted/erased.


That worked! Thank you so much! While I have you, can I ask one more question? On the middle present, it was a solid and I added white lines that look outlined when uploaded to Glowforge. Do you have any suggestion on how to make it just cut out without the outline?

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If you put one image on top of another in inkscape, it will look correct from a graphic design perspective. But, that’s not what the laser sees. Depending on what you are trying to achieve for design, you need to use the path commands - union, difference, intersection, exclusion, division, etc. with the two images.

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Thank you for that! I had to fiddle around with it but figured it out with the path commands. I had originally used “combine” which I guess didn’t work the way Glowforge wanted it to.

I appreciate the help!

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