Random stoppage

I’ve been working with shot glasses that are bigger than can be engraved with the tray so I remove the tray. I have a saved setting for them. I run multiple shot glasses then, without changing anything other than the shot glass itself, I get an error that I need to make sure my settings are between set depths with or without tray settings. Why would this happen?

Do you get an warning message or an actual error that doesn’t allow you to complete the project?

You have been successful at this project before?

Have you worked with the new Set Focus feature and ensured that the red dot hits the material?

Is the glass within the focus height of the lens? If it is higher than that, you can get errors that don’t allow you to proceed.


Thanks for the help, @marmak3261. I extracted the logs from your Glowforge to take a closer look at why the prints failed, and it looks like you were able to run this project successfully after contacting us.

I did notice that on a couple of the failed prints, the shot glasses were left unmasked. It appears that you already arrived at this conclusion with recent successful prints, but it might help to add some masking to the surface of the glass so the red laser light that measures the height of your material can get the most accurate measurement.

Could you please let me know if you’re still running into any trouble?

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Yes I was able to successfully run the project in the long run. I was told about the Set Focus feature on a different thread and was previously unaware of it.

As far as masking goes, yes I did utilize a thin layer of dish soap on a couple of them, but then had no issue running them with nothing. As of last night I attempted the masking tape just for grins and that worked out as well. With that being said, are you saying that you have access to the camera on the glowforge so you can see what I am engraving etc?

Also, when it comes to using uncertified materials I do have a quick question about that: When I load the uncertified material it asks for a height and I type in the height of the glass minus the tray so the number falls in the less than .5" category (Mine is 1.37" and the shot glass is 1.7" so my focus height shoud be .33" correct?). Then when I am doing my settings it asks for a focus height. Am I supposed to enter the same number there? Sometimes these boxes say “auto.” Wouldn’t typing in the focus height etc negate the necessity to utilize the Set Focus feature?

Long story short I was very confused as to why, without changing any settings, only the glass in the tray that was being engraved, I would start getting error messages. I would assume that if settings are good and all I do it change the item being engraved with an identical item, I should be able to just align the image and hit print.

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Yep. That’s the process :slightly_smiling_face: If you can use Set Focus on the glass so the red dot laser hits it when it scans for the measurement you don’t even need the math :grinning:

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Access to the images that are sent to the GF servers.

In order to investigate and troubleshoot issues our customers report, we can pull certain logs from your Glowforge which include the lid images taken by the Glowforge before and after prints. You can take a look at this page for more information.

Based on the details you provided, the material height you calculated is correct. If you use Set Focus prior to a print, the Material Height and Focus Height boxes will say “auto”, because the value is provided by the Set Focus feature. You can choose not to use the Set Focus feature if you still wish to input your material/focal height manually. If you already used Set Focus on your material but you’d like to enter the settings manually instead, you can either lift the lid or choose “Refresh Bed Image” in the app, then enter your settings.

This is the behavior you can expect, but when using transparent materials such as glass, the red laser light may have trouble focusing on the material for an accurate measurement. If you run into the same trouble when using Proofgrade materials, please let us know and we’ll be happy to investigate.

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