Random things I've made recently


Figure I haven’t posted anything in a bit, some random projects for your viewing entertainment.

Door Sign for a friend

Large GoT Engrave. This was an absolute nightmare to print.

HVAC cover not sure how well the wood will hold up to all that heat, but sure looks fancy.


Are the shadows on the sign real? If so how tall are the letters? It looks very 3D.


They are real, though I believe he’s holding the sign at an angle that accentuates them for artsy appeal. hahah. This is proofgrade medium walnut and maple. Ask me how many letters I broke trying to line them up and glue them straight… hahaha.


Did you just try and glue the letters to a flat piece of hardwood? If so, could you not etch those letters out of the sign and then sit the letters in the relief on the sign? That would keep them straight at least. Still, it looks awesome!


Come on @palmercr. Can you dig into the photo meta data and get lat and long and time of day and just do some trig to get the height! You’re slipping!:wink:


Great job! Why was the picture engrave such a nightmare?:glowforge::grinning:


Indeed, they are sitting in an engraving, though the choice to go ultra thin on the last name made the letters very fragile. The C’s especially seemed to enjoy snapping. Then there was the issue of gluing, I used wood glue at first but it didn’t bond well on such small surfaces, so I switched to crazy glue which worked great, but it set almost instantly so I had to quickly place tiny fragile letters on the first try over and over again.

The biggest issue is engraves over a couple of inches fail on the GF due to a bug, so I had to break this into 4 separate files, realign them, turn 3 off, print 1, turn that off, print another,etc. In addition to all that nonsense one of the steps introduced compression of some sort and pixelated my final art a bit.


Anything back from support on the bug? Have they acknowledged it is a bug, rather than a limitation of the software… I really hope it’s not the latter.



A bug means something specific in the S/W world but whether it’s a bug or a current limitation doesn’t matter much. Some bugs can take a long time to fix, some limitations are corrected with a simple variable change. It’s a known problem that they acknowledge, has not been a trivial fix, and is something they are working to correct.

Edit: obviously I’m not a fast thumb typer.


Really nice work! Especially like the GoT engrave.


I like that register cover. Looks nice.


Entertaining indeed! I love the 3D look of the door sign and your use of multiple wood types.


I’m a very lazy person. In the month I’ve had my Glowforge, I still haven’t bothered to go out in the garage and fetch the wood glue. So I’ve been using a bottle of “tacky glue” that was within reach. I got it for paper crafts but it works surprisingly well with wood. I’ve made a few small repairs and didn’t have to bother with clamping (did I mention I’m lazy?)


Does it dry clear? The other issue I had was seeing the glue after it dried :’(


It does dry clear. Clear-ish.