Raster to Vector plug in for Photoshop

I wasn’t sure where this should go, but I found this the other day. I have the $10 a month subscription to Photoshop since it’s the program I use most of the time for everything from 3d textures to shop photos. But it doesn’t convert raster to vector, which I need for the glowforge. I didn’t want to pay an additional $20 a month for illustrator and I really don’t like inkscape’s interface.

Enter the Orange Box.

It’s free, it’s simple and it works really well. Works best on black and white images with a good resolution. there’s several different versions for older photoshop versions too. So even if you’re not running CC you can hook it up!

bonus you can bring svg’s into photoshop and convert them back into vector… since photoshop likes to convert svg’s into raster. :expressionless:


Thank you. I will definitely be checking this out tomorrow.

Depending on which version of photoshop you have, you’ll have to download their Fx Box to load it into photoshop. When you open the zip there’s a PDF in there with instructions.

You can trace raster images to paths in Photoshop, then export paths.

Or if you draw with the pen tool you can export as SVG.

This works pretty good and is back online again after being down for a while.


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