Re-aligning to previous engraving


I ordered my Glowforge a few weeks back, and I have a question about the realignment functionality.

For one project I’m plotting out, I’ve come to the conclusion that it could be useful to perform the engraving, pull the part out to paint/fill the engraving, then put it back in the glowforge to cut out the pieces. This plan has developed out of urge to not have to individually paint dozens of small pieces, but instead have everything still on one sheet to work with. So, I suppose the features I’m looking for would be:

  1. The ability to set an automatic ‘hold’ between sections of a print, in my particular case, between engraving and cutting. Presumably the hold would be lifted by hitting the button again. More advanced functionality would allow running a different print while in between sections of the same print (so I could engrave piece 1, take it out, engrave piece 2 while I’m painting piece 1, cut piece 1 while painting piece 2, cut piece 2.

  2. Aligning to previously engraved, potentially covered, portions of the same, or other, print. I suppose that this could be done just by aligning to the edges of the workpiece. I further presume that this is at least partially what’s intended for the pass-through slot, I’m just wondering what sort of features will be required for the re-alignment to be successful.



Got it! Cool idea. Will throw it in the hopper.

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