Wanting to cut back over my outline on object because it didn’t cut all of the way through, but when I line it up where it needs to be, it changes from “ready” to “no artwork” is there a way to fix this?


Oh I fixed it! I just needed to move my material down, hope this helps someone!


Unfortunately, if you moved it, it will cut in a different place.

Even if it looks like the image has shifted a little bit on the screen after a cut, just send the cut again a second time without shifting the image on the screen and it will cut in the same place it did before. :slightly_smiling_face:


In the future if you are not sure don’t move it and if not all the way through just run the cut again.


THANKS! was able to get one back spot on but looks like I’ll be redoing the other, slightly off


They still turned out pretty great, and who says everything has to line up? :grinning:


I’m glad you figured it out. They do still look great!

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