RE: Limited Edition Holiday Designs - Catan board sheep filled shape is open

Nothing wrong with Inkscape.

  1. Open file, accept default import settings.
  2. Click on design, Ungroup, Ungroup.
  3. Click on any black area, then right-click and “Select same -> stroke color”.
  4. Select “Edit -> Make A Bitmap Copy”
  5. Select “Edit -> Cut”
  6. Repeat step 3, then hit delete, followed by “Edit -> Paste”

If necessary, align the center of the engrave sections with the cut circles in the middle of each tile. Don’t forget to save!


If one feels nervous doing a file edit like this, duplicate the file first and edit the copy or save it under a different name before making the edits. This way you can always go back to the original if the one being worked on gets FUBAR.


No that’s fine, you just need to do some ungrouping. (And I see that @eflyguy already stepped in with the steps quicker than I could puzzle them out, so have at it. It’s pretty quick.)

Inkscape can close open lines though depending on how big the problem is, it might take a while. In node mode when you select an object all the nodes will show up. If you window select them they will be active. If you click on this command…
… Inkscape will try to close any open lines with the closest possibility. If both sides are connected to other points nothing will happen there, Only those open-ended will act with it. :upside_down_face:


There are over 15,000 nodes in each tile, across hundreds of objects.

In this case, bitmap replica is infinitely faster, and effective.

This is currently cutting in the Glowforge and has a few nodes as well.

It is a mixed design that was first an image that I modified in Gimp so the space between the uncut parts has an arched surface and the expectation that all those internal high spots would be cut out.

I did turn all four images into one image with Make Bitmap Copy at which it was unnecessary to cut or delete anything though I did freeze the single copies for future use :slightly_smiling_face:

However, the vector cut bits did not trace precisely and I had to go to each one in node mode and repair it so I have put more than a bit of effort across many works using the commands in the image, and have learned a lot of ways to do many commands at once.

Yeah… I spent several hours this weekend simplifying a design with >1800 objects and >150,000 nodes. GF would not even process the file. I’m familiar with node count…

I found that with this so it spent 2+ hours just on the engrave, which I had to go to when it choked on doing the whole thing, to tell the truth I like the pattern and in order to get those parts to cut at all I had to let it run across a crack that can be repaired but that will be a lot harder with all the high parts cut out. So this one will be a pencil holder rather than a lamp,. :wink:

Hi @kuthedk,

Thank you so much for the heads up on this! Our team is taking a look at the Catan board file and is hoping to have a resolution shortly. I’ll post an update here as soon as I hear what’s next.


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