RE: Limited Edition Holiday Designs - Catan board sheep filled shape is open

To keep this post short and simple, I will share with you the problem that I have been experiencing with the sheep board pieces.

The error:

Filled shape is open

Filled shapes must have closed paths. Edit your artwork to remove the fill or close the shape.

And there are approximately 5 billion shapes, so you’re never gonna find it! Best solution is to rasterize it. I grouped by color (tedious, but doable) and rendered the two colors separately so I could give them different engrave settings.


Actually, as Inkscape cannot close a closed shape, you can select all the nodes and tell them to close any open ones it will do so and do nothing about the rest.


The initial upload of the Catan board had an error in the sheep tile. If you downloaded it before they fixed it, you can redownload it now. Better hurry before they change the free gift announcement.

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How do you see the free gifts?

When you login to the app, on the top line toward the right side is a gift icon. Click on that.

I haven’t gotten my machine yet (due to arrive at the end of the month). Can you access the app without the machine?

I can’t remember, it’s been so long. I’m thinking, no.

Bummer… thanks for the super quick reply!

Welcome to the group :smile:
If you are not already familiar with a vector program now is the time to get Inkscape and Gimp and learn as much as you can so you will be using them as soon as you can.
If your machine arrives before the 31st the gifts will be available at least to that date.

Thanks! I am ridiculously good at Silhouette and have had the business edition for years so am thinking this will solve most of my needs. I have started playing with a few 3d modeling ones but haven’t ventured head first just yet. Will check out both of them as I am not sure where I will end up in the next few months.


Blender is great for 3D but except for making great grayscale elevation images or for 3d Printing not so much. Inkscape does vector stuff really well but while it will incorporate raster files it does not do much for modifying them. For the raster part Gimp is the champ.


Have you heard of tinker cad? I did all the “sample” how to’s the other day. It was super easy to use for 3D stuff.

Tinker cad is free Autocad superlite. Great for simple mechanical stuff not so much for flowy or squishy stuff, for that Blender, and Inkscape are great.

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Great! Thank you for the feedback!

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I literally downloaded it yesterday… so its still not fixed from when this was last reported :confused:

Do you have a working set? could you send me your file of the sheep if yours is working, please and ty?

She’s not allowed to. Per the licensing terms, we’re not allowed to modify and repost it. (Otherwise I’d have fixed it a long time ago.) :smile:

If you want to fix the problem, just select everything except the cut lines in any drawing program and rasterize it, get rid of the original lines if your drawing program doesn’t automatically delete them, then resave the file. It runs much better.


@Jules could you point me in a direction on how to do that… im a newb when it comes to stuff like that…

otherwise I wish Glowforge support would actually fix it :frowning:

Which design program are you using? Someone can get you instructions for your program.

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inkscape, but really if there is something better that is paid I’m all ears…