Real World Example of image placement results



A REALLY interesting test would be to place the material near the far extremities of the bed, just to see how bad it can get. Based on what I saw in the Tested video, I bet it will miss by 1/4" or more.


I was thinking Santa laugh when I heard it, too.


Edit: But I can understand if @marmak3261 is hesitant to push the limits of what the machine can do in its pre-production state, particularly when it concerns a feature that is likely to improve vastly by the time we get our production machines.

It would, however, be enlightening to see how far they have to go!


I ended up with one of my 3D printers, which is a hefty 300mm cube build area with dual extruders, having some ringing, so went and got one of the dot-matrix printer pads we used to use back in the day.

Put it under the printer which reduced some noise (stopped turning the table into a speaker) and some of the ringing as it damped vibrations a lot. You might try that, but yeah a rolling cart isn’t going to help.


Yes, but mainly because I want to make things to show everyone and give away; but, sure, I want to give the Glowforge a chance to succeed first, something that is part of me from teaching so many years. The earrings are a hit and the rulers are all “make me one of those with my business information on it”! Just having to be patient at the moment to regroup after the certificate revocation problem. Will post specifically about that.

I was going to get a big anti-fatique mat but then I got the call and installed without it. I will take care of that today. I hadn’t seen the cart in person before picking it up on Saturday and I was surprised how small it look IRL. The Glowforge just fits but in actuality the sides of the lip of the cart are supporting the Glowforge as much as the runners of the Glowforge so it really is set to transfer case movement to the cart.

I’ll try to do a test on the cart to see how that affects it. Then I’ll put it on a big, solid cherry desk I have that should be more stable.


You’re a good man, Marion. Glowforge knew exactly what they were doing in picking you! :relaxed:


Ditto. Marion, do not wear yourself out trying to answer thousands of year old pent up questions. Just have fun.


Did this ever happen? what were the results?


Not yet. Got the setup here. Mounted an old iPhone case on the cart and downloaded an accelerometer app. Not sure how useful that would be, but now I have a GoPro that I can use to record more clearly and we can match up things better. Did a test logging but then got busy with the rest of the designs. I also need someone to assist in moving the Glowforge to the fixed desk.

It’s been a challenge to keep my iPhone charged.


I think I’ve read the majority of your posts and comments so far but haven’t seen it mentioned if once you place artwork in the interface, do they have the nudging with keyboard available yet? I know that was talked about a long while ago, but being able to precisely nudge the art a mm at a time with the arrow keys will be pretty critical for my intended use. Any insight into that?


The latest I recall is this from @dan on October 6 saying that it’s “in the hopper”.


Keyboard nudging is in! Just use the arrow keys.

Weekly Highlights for the week of 18-DEC-16

That’s great! Thanks for the update!


Outstanding! Nice work team! :+1:


You have no idea how happy this makes me! And if my memory serve me right, it’ll be pretty accurate because you can keep zooming in further to nudge it finer amounts!

Now…nudging to rotate (while holding CTRL or something)?! :blush:


we can never be satisfied :wink:


And cake to you Sir!


Thanks! I’ve waited a year for this :wink:


Next step is to add a tilt alarm when you nudge too much (all you under 30, you have no idea what that means)


A good portion of the firmware team are pinball fanatics so I wouldn’t be surprised if that makes it in somehow :wink: