Really? The Email? Earlier Then Expected?


What was supposed to be April 27 turned into April 17. April 17 Turned into April 12. Then I got the golden email yesterday. Huh!?! Can lasers create bends and warps in space time? I don’t know and I don’t really care…After confirmation with my 7 year old (he confirms that we want it ASAP! )I just told them to send it!!! I hope it is not a glitch.

I hope it speaks dutch and I hope it comes with floaties just in case the water levels keep rising - it is coming to Amsterdam! It is gonna be gezellig!

Better get the maker space ready…


Wow, I was surprised when mine was two days early but that’s a huge leap forward. Congrats!


I am kind of pinching myself and hoping it is not some weird laser frenzied dream.


Yay!!! me too!!! I just got my email!! UK… Look out!!! wwooooooppp!!! xxx


I also just got my email! Belgium


Yes, me too in France. 2 days earlier than expected.


Golden Mail two weeks ago - still no GF here :frowning:
But congrats to you all!


I had almost the exact same experience, the date was bouncing around April 17, and when I checked this morning it was still April 17, but in my email was the golden one! So exciting!
Anyone else had a Glowforge delivered to Switzerland? I’m a bit concerned because UPS hand over deliveries to a local carrier because they reckon I live in a “remote area”!


Congrats! :smile:


It looks like three people have received the email, but no confirmed deliveries yet.


Congratulations! My golden ticket arrived this Monday, was supposed to be April 4. It still says that on my Notification but who cares. It was a pleasant surprise after all :slight_smile: