Switzerland is a GO!


Just received an email asking if I want my glowforge… Well… let me think abo - YES!

Looks like Fabrikant is on its way… I dare people to make “cutting holes in the cheese” jokes…

Really? The Email? Earlier Then Expected?

Thought that was mandated to be performed with a Swiss Army Knife. There has to be a custom blade for that.


Holey cow! That’s grate.


You are not going to name it the Baselstab? Or The Waggis? Perhaps you are not a Basler? Perhaps Glowforge Zurich-Art?


I should take offense at that. Then again, we Bernese are slow - to take offense.
(The only reason we have a reputation of being slow - we want the others to be able to catch up)


Hi Ade, schön ds ghöre (nice to hear) from another Bernese Guy. :slight_smile:
Can’t wait for mine (march 28)

about being slow: think first and then talk needs some time :wink:

häbet e gmüetleche hinech (have a nice evening)


Congrats! :smile:


Hi Krouterer - Öppe de scho!
I’ll let you know when mine arrives if you want to pop over for a preview… I’m in Biel.


I don’t know a lot about your country but your flag is a big plus. :crazy_face:


Then the Austrian is a huge minus :smile:
:face_with_raised_eyebrow: come to think of it is kinda true with our current government

@ade Congratulations my mail should arrive April 6th




My hats off to you! A Bernese! Fantastic. As you might guess I am former Basler - Now a Hollander (don’t ask!) - Glad your forge is a go! I was just in Wengen. Lots of inspiration in the Confederation Helvetica for forging, for sure!


Awesome news!!!


Hi Ade, my date changed just now from march 28 to march 13! (happydance)
…waiting for a mail :slight_smile:

Seems no needs for a preview, but thanks! I’m in Bern, would be close.

Swiss: Mountains, Cows, Army Knife, Cheese with holes (and the better one’s without :wink: … … and at least two Glowforge’s !!!


Just checked again…update : march 16 !! suspense !!


Hier für Luzern, auch per 16!


Received Golden Mail! Cant’t wait :slight_smile:


Gerade alles angeben!


just received my golden mail too :email: :star_struck:
I’m in St.Gallen, :switzerland: - so I’m anxious to know how long the shipping goes for you - Bern and St.Gallen should be about the same. I do hope that the difference in the dialect don’t affect the shipping :wink:


Just received my email today, but it could take a while - UPS classify Laax as a remote area so don’t deliver every day. In fact they hand it over to a local (‘Romontsch’ speaking!) carrier, which makes me very anxious!