Received a second order of Proofgrade......not mine!


I received an email notice stating that my order from Moduslink would be delivered today…which it was. Problem is, it’s not my order! I received my own order a few days prior…I think it was last Friday. I did open the box today, but did not remove the contents. I looked at the invoice, and the items were things I had not ordered. My bank account was charged correctly for the order last week. Someone is missing theirs. Please let me know if you need more information and what to do about this. Thank you!

Wishful thinking


Glowforge error in your favor. Collect additional Proofgrade.


:rofl: um…no…I don’t think so. Someone else is going to be mighty cranky! :smiley:



Get out of the Glowforge shop, free.

Edit: Wishful thinking


Thank you for letting us know, @Xabbess. Can you please send a picture of the packing slip from the additional package?

Thank you!