Received wrong materials and need replacement ASAP

I’m posting this here in the hopes a GF staffer will see it. I’ve sent an email as well.

I received an order yesterday but all the acrylic is the wrong color. And I have a client deadline tomorrow (they ordered on short notice :frowning:). So I need help getting replacement materials by tomorrow AM so I can complete the project by end of day.

You’re gonna want to use the Chat function on the main page (if it says Chat someone is there, if it says Contact Us it’s just email) - Staff takes about 3 days to respond to emails and P&S posts

The likelihood that they’ll be able to get you a fix by tomorrow is very very tiny. You should try to find something local in the meantime!


I agree. I’d go either locally or with Amazon & next-day (or even same day) delivery. Acrylic (cast) is a pretty consistent material, comes masked and you’re not likely to see any significant difference vs PG.


Hi @adam3, I am so sorry to hear that you received the wrong material! I see that you also emailed in about this and we have been working with you there. I am going to close this thread now. Please feel free to start another thread if you have any other questions or concerns. Thanks!