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the magic button turned red towards the end of my engrave. The app showed that the job was complete & I noticed that the GF didn’t complete the engrave. I turned the machine off, logged out of the app & restarted the job. The magic button is now back to normal, however, the bulb isn’t lighting up and the printer head moves as normal with the exception of the laser beam not coming through the lens & isn’t cutting or engraving.

That’s actually considered an orange button which sometimes signifies an issue with overheating. How warm is the room in which your laser operates? And what model do you have?


My room is climate controlled & cool. The button is normal now, but the laser isn’t firing. Print head is moving, but the bulb isn’t lighting up & isn’t engraving or cutting. I also tried trouble shooting by uploading the Gift of Measure file using GF Proofgrade material & it isn’t engraving or cutting.

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Support doesn’t read the forum anymore, if you haven’t, email support so they can inspect the logs. The time, date, and timezone you’re in would help them track it down.


I did & they replied with some troubleshooting questions. I submitted my answers with videos. Awaiting their reply. I’ll post after I get their reply in case anyone has this issue.


You know, that would be great. We rarely hear the solution when support takes over after a thread here in the community trying to help people with a problem.


GF support just emailed me to say they’re unable to resolve the issue remotely & would need for me to send the machine back. They want me to pay $1125 for the cost of a refurbished machine & shipping. I’m currently looking at other laser machines. After reading several threads of issues in this community as well as complaints from BBB, I can’t give them anymore of my money.

Thanks for the report :+1: I presume they didn’t elaborate.
Hopefully, you got a lot of use out of it. I wish everyone had the joy of my experience, I’ve had this machine just over 5 years now and only had to replace a lid cable.

There are others here who own or have experience with other manufacturers, you might post a question about recommendations based on their experience.
You might find a buyer for the carcass of your glowforge over on the FaceBook glowfroge users group.


A non-working Glowforge is worth maybe a couple hundred dollars in parts if you know how to part it out.

A working one is worth $3000-6000.

So if you want to maximize YOUR financial situation here, you’d pay $1125 to get a working Glowforge with a 90 day warranty, and sell it for a couple grand profit. Then you can use that money to buy something else if you’d like.

You’ll need a healthy budget for repairs no matter what you buy. Especially if you get a bigger, more powerful laser from another brand. You may pay around the same or even less than a Glowforge up front, but replacing a 100W tube when it reaches EOL in 1-2 years will be another $1000, for example.


This is the best idea yet. I already have a buyer for it. I’ll be using the money to pay towards either a MIRA or a THUNDER.
Thank you so much for your response.

You’re welcome. They definitely didn’t elaborate. Their solution is to always send the machine back. Going to purchase the refurbished machine with a 90 day warranty, sell it, then use the money towards another laser ( MIRA or THUNDER).


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