Referral Bonus Prioritization


I have more than 10 referral bonuses, however on the page it only shows 10 people listed. If one of the referrals not in that list of 10 on the page ships before the 10 listed, do I not get the credit at that point?

Also Is the list sorted by registration date?


I think there is a limit of 10 referral credits, so all may not show but are probably still documented.


yeah im sure they are, im just hoping the list will change to the first ones shipped, not the ones they decided to display (if they arent the ones scheduled to ship first). I guess im asking what decides which ones go on the page?


I’m really anxious to see what you do with this thing man. I hope you continue to dazzle us here with all the cool stuff you do and your explorations!


thanks man, quite a compliment coming from you. I cant wait either!


Those 3D engraves you did were so inspiring :crazy_face:!


Thanks for asking! Up to 10 referrals are displayed on your referral list - starting with shipped referrals and then the remainder of active referrals you may have.