Referral bonus


Now that we have production units at the start of rolling out, how/when will we see the referral credits start getting issued out?

It occurs to me that from my side, I’m unable to discern which of my referrals ordered a pro, or a basic, or just chose to referral shipping, or if they got that email.


Edit:. I have reviewed and agree it is logical that they don’t get issued until the referral person’s order ships, but as the referr-ee? How would we know?


We’re working on that process now. Stay tuned!


For selfish reasons- take your time. We handed out a bunch of referral codes during MF:BA.


I’ve got room for 4 more. I hope the referral link is still good after getting mine, at least even as store credit perhaps. Seeing one in action may change the paradigm for the non believers, much like it did at mfba.


I have room for… I think 10 more :sweat_smile:


Me too!


Me three!


Lol… me 4


I was so non-assertive. I finally made a sign with my referral code on Sunday afternoon!


I know it has come up before, but please allow us to take the bonus as store credit. It’s good for GF and simplifies accounting when the GF was a business purchase.


Guess I am lucky I got like 3 referrals.


I’ve only had one so far! Would have had two but someone cancelled. But I am not wistful at all. Having the PRU has been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever encountered in my life. Connecting with the community has made the difference for me though on this!


I have one referral - from the guy who told me about Glowforge. I ended up pulling the trigger before he did so he used my referral code.


After I receive my glowforge, it will feel more confident to refer people. It would be great to get some store credit for those referrals.


Sorry if this is off topic, but is there a way to retroactively give someone a referral bonus? I ordered on the last day of the crowd funding campaign, and in my haste and excitement, I forgot to use the referral link that led me to discover Glowforge in the first place.


Your best bet is to email with your request.


Good point, thanks.


Yea, I’m a little hesitant to push any referrals until I have my GF fired up. Not that I don’t believe that GF is going to deliver, I just feel more comfortable “selling” something when I use it and love it myself. Right now it’s all conjecture, once the rubber meets the road, I don’t mind being more vocal at that point (whether I can still get referral credits or not).