Referral Cash out

How do I go about requesting a referral cash out?

Only Glowforge personnel can help you with that. You must email them.


Just email with your request. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you need to email anyone.

About 45 days after your referral’s Glowforge ships, you’ll get an email with the subject “We owe you one for referring [name]!”. In that email, there’s a link to exchange your gift card for the cash payment instead.

Click on the “fill out this form” link. If you haven’t set up your bank details to cash out, it should prompt you to go through that process. Otherwise, it’ll just tell you the money is coming in 2 weeks.

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I don’t think I ever received an email like that.

It comes simultaneously with the gift card email from their Shopify store. If you haven’t gotten those mails yet, it’s too early to cash out. It’s 45 days after the machine ships, which depending on model, can be up to several months after the order was placed.

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