Referral Code Changed

When I booked my GlowForge, I had this referral link which I’m happy to see I got $200 so far based on emails.

Now when I log in I see my referral code changed to which isn’t even mine, it’s some guy named Michael

I’m not happy about this, why would this happen? I’m only advocating my code and I only got 3 days left to encourage 8 more purchases


I also saw that referral link when I went to the referral page. But after I signed in, it changed to my own referral link. I suspect that’s just a default link we see before we sign in.

I have also seen changing of my referral link. The best way I saw it happen was if I refreshed the referral page without logging in. Once I logged in it returned to my familiar referral URL.

So I was just logged out and refreshed again and I got the pfx7h1 link listed above. Once logged in I received my familiar code. @dan or @bailey can you check to see how many people may have accidentally used the pfx7h1?

Same thing with me, If I go to my referral link and refresh it changes to some other guys referral link

Thanks for heads up, folks! We’ve been looking into this with our web team.

it seemed to fix itself this morning, my code is now there, strange!

Same happened to me all day yesterday and I’m worried that some of my referrals could’ve been credited to the “MICHAEL” default referral code… @bailey @dan

Same, I gave up giving out my link because its easy to refresh the page and change the referral to some other guy

I noticed that if I clicked on a mistyped referral link, it would retrieve the last proper referral stored in my browser cache, which in my case is the person who’s referral I used to purchase. Maybe this is what you guys are seeing?

Theyve asked that you not post those here. Anyone allowed to post here has already purchased a glowforge, so its pretty much a wasted effort. You should share on other maker forums where people might not know about the glowforge.