Referral Issue

Hi there, I signed up for the Glowforge announcement and passed along my link to some friends and made it to the 10-friends level. Today I’ve been asking a few more friends to sign up so I can hopefully get to the $300 off level before tomorrow’s announcement, but I’ve been told they seem to be getting a ‘Landing Page Not Found’ error when trying to confirm their emails. I’m also getting this page when I try and see how many people have signed up on my link. Is there a problem with the site?

Cheers, Barny

Hi Bahrni,

We’ve disabled the campaign to prepare for our launch tomorrow morning! Sorry for the inconvenience and be sure to check back tomorrow all-new details on Glowforge and the ability to pre-order your own.


Ah. Damn. I think I was about 2 folks away from the $300 off level. I should have hassled folks earlier in the week, but I was busy. Never mind then. :frowning: