Referrals, how long does it take to receive cash?

I requested to cash out on 3 of my referrals on the 31st of Jan, it has been 3 weeks. The Stripe website said I would see it in 2 weeks. Has anyone else gotten cash back yet?

I posted this in the everything else forum but it looks like it may have gotten deleted.

Still there…

Yep, I found it shortly after I posted this. no responses so it kind of got lost in the sauce :slight_smile:

I just got a text that said “Your $100 payment is on the way” with a link.

but back to my main question, has anyone else gotten money back and how long did it take?

Referral credits will normally arrive within ten business days, so I’m glad you wrote in. It looks like there was a hitch with your payment that’s now resolved, and your payment is on the way. Thanks for the referrals, and for writing in!

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