Refund and No reply?

I put in for a refund after filling out your questionaire s to why I wanted to cancel my order and have heard nothing/ No word, No ticket, No response,NADA! Seeing that I did this last week I checked to see if you guys would reply and still don’t even know if you got so much as my request to cancel and give me a fucll refund.My reciept was #1383-6490 for the amount of $3,949.00 I dont know if this is your policy as to just not reply but a response would be nice.

Curious as to when you put in your request. If you are not from the USA, this is a holiday weekend for us so possibly it hasnt been processed because alot of companies have a four day holiday closing.


I got a response in a few days and a a refund for my downgrade only a few days later. Its a holiday weekend


And in light of that, Happy Birthday America :smiley:

Don’t hurt yourself playing with fireworks or grilling your burgers & dogs.



I’m sorry for any delay on our part - @Rita’s team will investigate and get back to you right away.

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Hello Dan,

This is Henry’s assistant replying on behalf of him.

As for this issue, Henry asked for a refund on his glowforge last week and has since heard nothing, not even a confirmation email on this matter.

At the moment Henry is left in the dark and out of pocket as he has not been supplied either confirmation or information of how long this refund will take. If you could let us know as soon as possible about the status of his refund that would be perfect,

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Kind Regards,

Olivia (Henry’s assistant)

Sir Henry Hate
Henry Hate Studio
386 Old Street London
0207 729 9545

You will get your refund, they have alot of messages still I assume. Took about a week.


Hi @henryhate1 and Olivia,

I am so sorry for the lack of communication! We received your request to cancel on Wednesday and refunded your card on that same day. It can take up to ten business days for the funds to reach your account - although it is usually much faster - so you should see the funds shortly. We did send email, too, and I’m very sorry it didn’t get through; I’ll be looking to understand what happened there to make our messages get through so that you and others aren’t left wondering.


Wow. That’s about as thorough and polite a customer-service response as I’ve ever seen.