Refund wanted, immediately

Since the item keeps getting delayed and I have not yet received this item, I am demanding a full refund to my Affirm account, immediately. There is no other option that you could offer to change my mind, otherwise. I expect to see this refund in the next 24 hours, beyond that time frame, I will have my attorney process and affidavit stating a refusal to comply with my request and I will order my attorney to demand payment for his fees and for the interest that has cumulated through the financial company “Affirm”.

The time of my original email response was 9:07 PM eastern standard time.

I expect an immediate response from you!

Janice Tennant


In order to cancel an order, you need to send an email directly to They will not process an order over the web to protect your privacy.


I did! Prior to putting it on here!

Good, then your order will be cancelled.

Just to save your time and money, if you first requested cancellation of your order this evening, there’s a good chance it will take longer than 24 hours for you to see a refund on your end. No court would reasonably expect a company to pull that off.

I’m sorry you aren’t getting your GF, though, and I hope your refund comes quickly. :frowning:

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I’ll add, demanding a response within 24 hrs when the auto responder says they’ll get back to you within three business days isn’t going to get you anywhere. They don’t have people sitting there reading every email or forum post. Sending an email or posting here generates support tickets that are then dropped into in a queue, staff then go thru them in order received.

Sorry you’re upset, but reality is there’s a good chance it’ll be a couple of days before anyone even sees it.

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Plus, October 24 is National Bologna Day.


Wrong! Total refund from Glowforge at 3:47PM… with several hours to spare. Pretty impressive! Not bad for a company who cannot live up to their expected delivery date.

It is possible for those who doubted. It also goes to show you, they read their emails and listen to their voicemail, daily. They obviously know the law, too.

Best of luck and carry on…

To Glowforge, thank you for your promptness in returning my refund. Your own customers doubted you.

Best of luck…

I am sorry that you’ve had such a frustrating experience and that your shipment it taking longer to arrive than expected. I wish that we could have got your machine to you faster. I’ve responded to your emails but wanted to let you know here as well that we’ve cancelled you order. Please follow up via email if you have any other questions.

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We actually reply to most queries the same day - but our worst case target is 3 days for topics that are hard to research or follow up on.