Good day here is my Invoice ID (Invoice ID: 562d558190f90). I put in for a refund 3 days ago and I’ve still heard nothing from your support team. I even contacted support and after no answer filed a dispute with Paypal with still no answer. The truth is after I found out that it does not etch metal without a oxidation material although it showed on the video that it does it directly I had my suspicions about how this product is being represented. In addition since my unit will for sure not deliver until possibly August of 2016 if I’m lucky I decided to wait and see how things progress for Glowforge between now and then. So even if it costs more then I will just pay extra.

With such great success also comes its own pitfalls as someone else mentioned in another thread the amount of units you guys have to deliver is immense and being this early in R&D spells waiting for an undetermined amount of time for early backers. This is another reason that made me change my mind about purchasing a Glowforge now, in addition you also made reference to other CNC machines in another post and I noticed they had similar style campaigns so its clear there is a blueprint to this type of crowdfunding method. I purchased because there was an insurance that I could get a refund, but after waiting three day I’m getting nervous. Please refund my money asap.

Im sure you will get a refund, Dan said they had 11000 support tickets at the beginning of the week so they are probably working through that. But since you did a Paypal dispute you will definitely get your refund just depends when

It shows in the video them etching a anodized macbook getting etched, it has a anodized coating that can be etched away

Thanks, do you work for Glowforge?

No. just read through the forum a lot.

Okay, thank you for your assistance.

In the video it shows them etching on a macbook, which is anodized aluminum. It can most definitely etch anodized aluminum. What kind of etching are you wanting to do?

Hey thanks for chiming in i was just under the impression that it could engrave soft metals like aluminum without anodization but as I mentioned this is only one reason i canceled. I don’t want to bring any negative connotation to the product and will delete the post the moment I get my refund its just I’d rather wait until next year to see how things pan out.

As a long time backer of crowd funding projects via Kickstarter I guess I’m just a little burned out, I’m sure they will pull through as any real investor can see this is the industry that has been overlooked in all of the 3D printing craze, I just don’t want to hold up my funds as I finally read through everything thoroughly and was taken aback by some things many of these threads showed from people far more knowledgeable about such things then me.

Ah, well in that case youll want to look at a fiber laser. Unfortunately those are in the 10s of thousands of dollars. A CNC router might be your best bet if you are not able to spend that amount.

Inventables makes a fairly inexpensive CNC machine that can easily engrave aluminum and other metals. Might wanna check them out

I had to contact support for a billing issue (opposite reason - I wanted to ADD to my purchase and it took a full five days for Maya to email me back. Their support ticket system is in the thousands of email and with all hands on deck, the staff from top to bottom is 14 people. Very honest and I am sure you will not have any problems. Sorry to see you changing your mind. We are going to have so much fun when these start shipping.

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Hey thanks, everyone is so supportive, again @benwalker when they drop after roughly 11,000 units are manufactured I’m sure I can get my hands on one. :smile:

Another option for using a CO2 laser for etching metals is to use a resist and acid etching method, see Laser removing resist for acid etching of metals?
Also, a product like Ceremark can be used to permanently mark metals with a laser.

Glowforge refunded my money today. I’m sure it took so long because of the amount of tickets in the system. Now I just need to figure out how to delete this thread.

Or you could leave it up for educational purposes. You may not be the only one with the issue, and I think you presented yourself very well.
Good luck in future endeavors.

We have very fast turnaround on refunds now - just took us a while to get through the backlog.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about what I can do with a Glowforge… :slight_smile: