Refurbished unit- amber light

We were offered a refurbished unit after our g.f basic had problems.

We were able to connect the refurbished unit to the internet, however after starting, the printer head centers under the lid camera, and then the g/f light turns amber. Any idea what we can do to get this working? We checked the cables, pins, etc.

That usually has to do with the temperature being too warm / cool for printing, or the printer not being able to contact the head. Check that the ambient temperature in the room isn’t too close to the limits (60º F / 16º C to 75° F / 24°C), and also focus on the connections of the white cable and the contacts between the head and the carriage plate. Make sure the contacts there are clean and the ones on the head are springing back properly when pressed.

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Oh no, I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with your replacement machine.

I’m going to need some personal information from you, so I’m going to follow up via email and close this request.