Refurbished unit stopped engraving after 1 day of use

Yep, owner, part of the original funding. Yes, my experience. Please understand: Glowforge has marketed themselves in a very effective way. The “it just works” is essentially true. Cutting, scoring & engraving. If you want to explore the the finer aspects of the craft, you need to embrace the hunt.


Groovy. I’ll check the links out.

I’m still at a loss for why HD Photo settings don’t work on non-Proofgrade, but I’m happy to be cutting again.

Glad you appreciate the links :slightly_smiling_face: I do not believe Glowforge has suggested that non Proofgrade materials would work perfectly.

FWIW, photo engraving is an art to do really well. it takes some practice and there is a learning curve to understanding what you’re going to get in the material. in what the image needs to be edited to look like as well as the settings and how each material will react. it’s always worth taking a tiny piece of a detailed section and testing that on your material first to see what you’ll get and then make adjustments based on that. much faster (and less expensive) than engraving the entire thing and feeling like you need to adjust.


They don’t work well on Proofgrade, either.


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