Refurbished unit?

Does anyone have this problem? I received my unit that has scratches and such. And it’s brand new!


Some small scratches can happen during manufacturing and assembly. (Even on brand new units.) They generally don’t impede functionality of the machine, but if they are excessive you will want to document them in photos sent to the Support team.

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These things get a lot of real live people assembling and testing them.
That said, how bad is it? Got pics?

Oh no! I’m sorry that your Glowforge arrived in that condition. Could you provide me with pictures of what you are seeing?

I can. There’s a scratch however it is a very deep scratch.

If you posted a photo…it hasn’t shown up.

I sent it to someone I’m talking to via email at glowforge :slight_smile:

Since we’re working with you directly in email regarding this issue, I am going to close this thread.