Refurbished unit

I just got my refurbished Pro model unpacked, and sent my other unit out. This unit does not have the “GlowforgePro” across the top on the lid, it only says “Glowforge”. Can anyone tell me why it doesn’t have this? The sticker on the back and the packing slip does say pro. It does have the 2 slots (front and back) but the pro should be faster, etc. Any help is appreciated.
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I don’t know why it doesn’t say Pro, but if it’s got the passthrough slots, it’s a Pro.


The early glass used on the units did not have Pro printed on them. (First production run.) You might have one of the earlier glass tops. (Mine doesn’t have it for instance.)

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Thank you all!!! I appreciate the help!!

Hi @teresaray,

I double-checked on your order, and can confirm that your received a Pro unit. As @Jules mentioned, you just have a different version of the lid glass. The difference is purely cosmetic, and won’t affect the performance in any way. I apologize for the confusion here!