Reminder in the cold weather

Just a reminder if it’s super cold where you are today (if not, you are lucky), that you may want to leave the lid up in your Glowforge so that you don’t get condensation (or if you have a well sealed blast gate this may be less of an issue) but even with a louvered vent I still find the inside of the GF will get quite chilly and humidity will condense inside. Especially if you have a powerful humidifier (our Nortec keeps the house at a nice comfy 45%) making you more at risk.


Preventative care :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, and make sure your smaller animals are protected, we moved the “boys” into the greenhouse as they can’t take this level of cold. They were pretty excited to find a room that is A) warm and B) basically made of food!




I hope you still have greenery left when they leave!

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Thanks for the heads up - minus 5 this morning.

41 degrees F here in SW Washington. We’ve barely had a winter at all, so far. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So a lot like summer. :grin:


Sorry to all in advance… 81 F here in St. Croix :slight_smile:


No, actually we frequently pass triple digits in the summers, at least in the past decade or so!

So not far enough West? If that Pacific current can keep Cabo San Lucas coolish at the end of June (as long as you’re within sight of the beach, I figured it must keep the Washington coast refreshed all year long.

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Yeah, well at least my Glowforge won’t overheat! :thinking:


It’s like the Wonka factory for goats!

And, yeah, this 1 degree day was not so much fun to be out in…

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