Remove machine from account

How do i remove a machine from my account so that a different email address can be the owner

I’ve read on the forums that you have to contact support to remove an email address from the account. These days, that’s by phone or email only.

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I’ve already emailed, no response yet

@Deleted deals with this a lot. I’m sure he’ll be along soon.

Say my name three times and I arrive!


you email from the registered email address (owner email) and make a request to remove a machine from your account, if you SOLD the machine, you need to add an email address of the new owner on your account, and add to your request to Glowforge to make that person the new owner.

here is the office verbiage:

When you’re ready to transfer ownership of your Glowforge to someone else, invite them as a user to your machine. Once they’ve created their account, write to and let us know you’d like them to be set as the owner. We’ll do that, as well as remove all other users from the machine, including yourself.


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