Remove paper mask with ease


Its been talked about on here but since Ive been using this technique alot recently, I figured I’d get a short vid…
Duct tape is your friend for removing paper mask. I airbrush these with black acrylic to make the designs pop. Removing the mask can be tedious and can leave smears on the wood if not careful. Doing it this way is easy and clean…
Sorry for the jiggly video, should have used one if my phone holders…lol


Thank you!


I finally got the gorilla tape and it makes a huge difference in removing masking on living hinges.


Great video demo! :grinning:


Duct tape can fix an infinite number of problems. You could’ve duct taped the phone to your forehead, freeing both hands.


I saw the duct tape thing in the video Dan made that’s going around Facebook and thought I’d have to try it out when my Glowforge comes… After this video I guess I’m just gonna go stock-up on duct tape! Thanks for sharing.


Get some Gorilla tape or equivalent.


Thanks for the video, @smcgathyfay.

Someone in my building was throwing away several rolls of different types of gaffer’s tape a while back. I grabbed the lot of them in anticipation of getting my GF.

I know that gaffer’s tape is not quite as sticky as duct tape, though. Does anyone have experience with both kinds. Does one work better than the other?


Gaffer tape is wonderful stuff. I don’t know how it compares to duct tape for removing masking, but for most purposes I find it better than duct tape.


Duct tape is way cheaper than gorilla tape…lol


Gaffertape is my prefered choice too as it is easily removable. However the older it get’s the more crap it will give you. Duct tape is a messy product but cheaper and it holds better for permanent fixings.

My guess is duct tape works better for mask removal but gaffer will bring you a long way.


Always good to have options. Thanks!


I was going to say the same thing but was thinking it might not get the job done because of that. But since I never tried it… So I’ll definitely compare when I get my 'forge.


Lifesaving tip!