Remove Pending Invites?

Anyone know a way to remove pending invites from the system?

I have several users who have sent multiple invitations to people at the same address, and only some have been accepted. I also have some users who have sent invitations to unauthorized users. I would like to remove those pending invitations.

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What does that mean? As in, inviting someone to share your Glowforge GFUI? Do they have an option to decline?

I edited the original post, as it was totally unclear.

Thanks. I figured as much given your forum handle. Good luck with sharing the laser. Interesting that invited users can invite other users? Is that right?


I think it is. I seem to recall Dan mentioning that we needed to be careful who we gave access to, because they could add others as well. (Not 100% positive though.)


Posting the Announcement topic for Forging with friends. I couldn’t remember what they called this and what we needed to search for in the forum. Took a while to find. (as in three search attempts, but relatively little time.)


They can also “Cancel ongoing prints”. That didn’t sit right with me, along with their ability to invite others.

I am so naive my friends toy with me. I don’t need to give them any ammo… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


There are a lot of issues with the permissions, but I can at least remove unauthorized users…I can’t remove invites.
I can only be “so careful,” as in a makerspace environment I have to hand out access once people have completed their training and safety authorization.

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I’m not familiar with all the ins and outs of it…seems likeit would be tough for a makerspace situation.

If i move this to the Problems and Support section they won’t see it…you might want to duplicate the issue there so they can tell you how to address it, or start working on it. The creation of a new Topic there will flag them to take a look at it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m moving this to Problems & Support so @rita’s team can help.

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What happens if the machine is in use and another user tries to start a design from the home screen? Do they see their design over the top of the one being printed or does it send them to printing progress screen instead and give them the option to cancel?

Would you know the machine was in use from the home screen before you started?

There isn’t a problem with sharing machines. The interface handles that well (you can see in a little monitor menu who is using it what when they will be done).