Remove Pop Up Box

How do I remove this box? Every-time I select my item, this box pops up preventing me from seeing the entire bed display.

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You can’t. I zoom out to see more of the bed.

Do you know if it’s a new update? It wasn’t like that prior to this week.

Yes it was, there was a huge announcement about it.

It’s called precision position, you can look in the announcements section.

In case that’s too hard to find:


thank you

If you want to temporarily get rid of it, this may help: Unsupported hacks to mess with the Precision Placement box


Thank you!

If you want Glowforge to know you’re unhappy about it, you need to email or open a thread in Problems and Support.

The workaround Chris created is great, but if everyone just adopts that without letting Glowforge know they dislike the change, then they won’t ever know.


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