Removing and Renaming Printers

How do you remove and rename printers. “Glowforge” was my first printer that was waranty replaced with “Glowforge #2”. I can’t see any way to remove “Glowforge” or to rename “Glowforge #2” Ideally to “Glowforge +”.

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Support can take care of that for you. You’ve opened a support ticket by posting here in P&S, so they’ll be along soon. :slight_smile:


Thanks, you are 2 for 2 for helping with my issues the last two days!


@chris.gohlke Happy to help with that! I’ve renamed your Glowforge#2 to Glowforge + and removed the inactive printer from your account. If you refresh your browser, you should see those changes.


Yep, I see it on my end, thanks!

Was there a way to do it myself, that I just couldn’t find, or is that something that can only be done from your end?

Unless things have changed, only Support can remove or rename after the initial setup.