Rendered Design Not Showing Up

I am very new to any of this so forgive my inexperience. I have made several things so far since I purchased my Glowforge Pro. I am definitely not experienced in design so I buy most of my files. I am attempting to cut some earrings out of acrylic and when I upload my design from Inkscape it shows up at the side but it doesn’t show in my print area. I’ve never had this happen before. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

If you zoom out a bit does your artwork appear outside the working area?


Yes, with small items, you will no doubt need to zoom out.

As you become more experienced with Inkscape you can do some things that make your life easier. 1. Set the Inkscape design area to be 12" x 20". When you do this, your design will show up in the interface in the spot it was placed on your Inkscape design board. Do this in the Preferences section of Inkscape with Document Properties as the selection. You won’t always have to go searching for it in the upper left hand corner or wherever it may be hiding. When you have some free time, read through the Inkscape info in the Tips and Tricks Category of the forum and avail yourself of the search function of the forum. So many helpful people have posted things over the years that can assist you as you become more experienced.

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Hi, I don’t bother setting a specific design space, though it’s a good habit, but have learned to always “resize page to selection” and that will center your design in the page space and thus it will always appear in the upper left of the GFUI at 100% scale–and not far off to one side (as I recently run into as well before I remembered to resize the page).

It wasn’t hiding anywhere. I had apparently done something in Inkscape so that it didn’t show up at all. When I went back into Inkscape and redone the design it showed up. Thank you all for your help.


I’m happy to hear that you resolved the issue you had with your design! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other issues, feel free to open a new thread, or contact us directly at