Reordering operations?

I’ve read comments that seem to indicate that you should be able to reorder operations in the UI. Is that actually the case? I can’t seem to drag and drop the thumbnails, and I can’t see anything obvious.

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If each of the operations are done in different colors in your vector file, you can drag and drop to reorder I believe.

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If you are having trouble doing this, try a different browser. Also, I had trouble doing the drag on my iPad, so try it on a computer instead, if that’s what you’re using.

As scatterbrains said, different colors in the file are treated as separate operations, with each represented with a separate thumbnail. The ability to arrange the order of the process can be very helpful.
You should be able to drag them up or down on the side bar.

I had trouble with drag to reorder in Safari and success in Chrome and Firefox.

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I’m aware of the different colors. Dragging and dropping doesn’t appear to work in Safari. I will try a different browser.

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Yeah…Safari is full of bugs so far. It’s known they are there but still “beta”.

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Firefox worked for me, where Safari didn’t.

If you’re not using chrome already I don’t know what you are doing with your life. :stuck_out_tongue:


It would be great if you could post the issue with the browser you’re using to the Problems and Support topic so it gets reported. Thanks!

I have reported the reorder issue in Safari to the support email address.

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As long as it’s reported somewhere. No need creating two tickets by using two methods. :+1: