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my glowforge pro was a fantastic machine was a workhorse. I loved it for the year that I was using it, but then I had to move to wyoming for a year.

the glass lid shattered from the cold temps in the winter when the heater in the storage unit failed. now to replace a piece of glass the folks at glowforge’s repair department say I have to purchase a new unit for less than a 10% discount(as related to current prices)

I can buy from the competitors for less, get an upgraded laser, faster cut times and a bigger work space for what they are asking me to pay. this constitutes, in my mind, a customer service resolution of comedic proportions.

when I called customer support they mentioned an outside company that they suggest to do actual repairs, but for the life of me I can’t find them on my own and would rather not wait till monday for their customer support to be back in office. does anyone here know of a company that repairs glowforge units that are out of warranty?

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I don’t know what company Glowforge may be referring to. There is someone on Facebook that will take Glowforges and repair them. Search for Wiregrass Technologies in Alabama.


I have not heard of that though not a big surprise, What would be a big surprise would be if the glass tube full of water survived under such freezing conditions. You should be able to trade in for a referb for the cost of repair and two-way shipping but that cost would not be a lot lower than a new plus.


The cost of repair is “purchase a refurbished unit.”

Needless to say that seems like using a cannon to kill a mosquito… but it makes sense if you want to sell units.

Problem is, it’s just a sheet of glass. Close to $5000 is too much to pay for a sheet of glass

Refurbished are not any where near 5000 and the sheet of glass is part of a lid with electronics etc.


If there was enough cold shock to break the glass, it is a safe bet that the water in the system broke the water-cooled glass and possibly other parts as well, so more than the glass. Also “just a sheet of glass” would possibly have cracks but would not turn into sharp gravel. The reason it explodes is because it is individually treated to be under extreme stress which makes it much stronger until the pressures get so strong that it explodes, so is much more expensive than “just glass”.


A excerpt from the email they sent me

I’ve examined all the information you provided, and I’m sorry to say that my inspection brings me to the conclusion that it’s not possible to repair it. Due to the unfortunate situation, we can offer you a refurbished replacement at a discount, if you send your current unit back. Please be extra-careful of the broken glass – wear gloves, and use a tool or a vacuum or remove as much glass as possible.

The cost of the replacement will be $4,546, plus applicable shipping. It comes with a 90 day guarantee.

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That is crazy! New Pros are currently on sale for 4995.


Agreed… and that is what has me so frustrated.

Assuming I troll around Instagram I can find referral codes that would do better for me and then I’d have a new in box option and they wouldn’t have a mostly functional, lightly used machine that they can repair and sell. Conversely for only a bit more I can go to boss lasers and buy a machine that is faster, has a bigger work space and can actually do rotary engraving…

Only reason I’m even still trying is that this should be like replacing the glass on your car… take it to a shop where they charge you to repair the broken windshield… not throw the car out and buy a used one


I’d write back and point out that Pros are currently on sale for just $400 more than that - generally the refurbs are closer to 50%. Can’t hurt to ask!

Though your comment about your machine being “mostly functional” is laughable. I know you don’t want to hear it, but as everybody above has pointed out - the glass in the lid is covered in electronics, and under pressure. Likely your return would either be junked, or maybe they could replace the entire lid…presuming it was financially reasonable to do so.

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If you put a bottle of water or even of unicorn tears in a freezer the glass will be broken very quickly. The laser tube is just such glass and I cannot think the it would not crack and drain somewhere. With that being the case even the tempered glass lid is almost minor.

  1. So, a couple updates.
    Wiregrass technologies is the exact company they suggested, and will be the route I take for getting it serviced.

  2. after a bit of jury rigging I got the whole shebang set up outside… and after figuring out how to defeat the lid sensor I got reasonable(not perfect due to the camera being off center) results.

So the laser tube is fine, the gantry and servos are fine . All the naysaying here was silly because my original question was about the repair company.

That being said, take a peek at glowforge on the BBB website. Seems like this is a pretty common point of contention.

Fabulous that you got it working!

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I have not looked at Amazon’s but I would be throwing shade there as 5 tries and several calls have not delivered an overnight pen set in ten days.


Then it was not freezing that broke the lid. Only a material harder than glass would normally break it. A hammer will bounce. A sharp bit of porcelain will shatter it with a fraction of that force.
The repair facility is interesting. I am glad you found the connection.