Repair or not repair? Europe dilemna

Amen! I have a CNC machine that quit working on me a few years ago. In order to have it repaired it would require shipment to Texas from Canada. It is pretty heavy and bulky so that would have been a very expensive package given that it was way out of warrantee. I poked around at it off and on over the following years. I began taking more and more of it apart but each time was a fail and I began to think it was finished for good. Then one day I decided to give it another go and again completely disassembled it. This time I got lucky and noticed a ribbon cable that appeared just slightly askew on one end. I reset the clip and realized at the same time what caused the initial problem. That ribbon cable had sagged over the years and began dragging on the work as it moved inside the unit. That ended up causing the cable to catch and partially disconnect. It was a great relief to discover the machine was ok after all. The downside is it was out of commission for so long that I got used to not having it and really don’t use it as much as I should now lol.
Glad to hear you’re up and running again.



Je rencontre le même problème et je suis également en Outre-mer.
Je ne l’ai utilisé que 2 jours et plus rien. J’ai changé de prises, de câbles et rien ne se passe.
Je suis completement en panique de devoir la renvoyer

Good evening. I am encountering the same problem and I am also in Overseas. I only used it for 2 days and then nothing. I changed the plugs, the cable

(translated with google)

I wrote in French since he lives or lived overseas but if you have solutions to offer me, I am taken and desperate

I did a quick and dirty DHL estimate on shipping

you can buy a used glowforge from anyone on here, and ship it there, and it be less then a new unit in france… this is my best idea.


WAIT your unit is new and not working! – im sorry I misunderstood. What is the problem with it?


Here it is
Actually glowforge tells me it’s an electrical issue after 2 days of use. It does not light up any more … They ask me to send it back at my expense and upon receipt they will send me another one that will have to be tested before reshipping at my expense.
I would have preferred to avoid sending it back which generates excessive costs :pensive:

is your unit new???
or old?

I understand the additional expense in shipping, but not if the unit is new.


I read somewhere that Glowforge now has a support in europe (I can’t find it with search) ANYONE?
maybe it would be closer and cheaper to drive it to THAT location, or to ship there, then to spend all that money to ship it back to the states.


Glowforge is designed for world voltages from 100-240 VAC, 50/60hz. On the back is a female connector like those used on the back of desktop PCs (IEC 60320-C14). We may not be able to include the right cable/plug, but those should be widely available locally for a few dollars. You don’t need a separate transformer.

No nothing in Europe :pensive:

Yes I had an adapter. The machine worked very well for 2 days

maybe adapter failed, replace with a regular plug? (like the back of your computer?)
did you check outlet is working? - with a light bulb or other device?

I tried everything … changed cables … changed plugs … nothing … I hear a click when I press the button in off mode on the back


Am desperate … Glowforge made me dream

last question : how old is your glowforge, which one is it?

I think it’s UK support, but don’t quote me on it. They said they will spread to other countries next year.

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Purchased November 04 and arrived December 10 in my country.

Is it a pro? Don’t the pro machines have an interlock in the back that needs to be inserted to power on?