Repeated Long Calibrations, Repeated 'Offline'

Just since 10/29/2017, I’ve started seeing LONG, and often failing calibrations, even starting with the head under the lid camera. Additionally, I’ve logged into the app several times for it to show my active and turned on printer ‘offline’ followed by showing online and calibrating after logging out of and back into the app. I’m not certain the laser is working consistently right now as I cannot send anything to it with any consistency


I am experiencing the exact same thing right now, too. Did the usual…turn off, move the head under the camera, power up, etc. I also closed my browser out and reopened. The head was still sitting under the camera and the UI said calibrating…and nothing more.

I’ve gotten it out of this a couple times, and it goes back to calibrating, sometimes freezing there after most prints. I’m calling law of unintended consequences on last update.

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Agreed. I had no calibration issues until this past weekend. My :glowforge: didn’t feel like playing last night and started tonight the same way. Working now, though.

The other night mine seemed to calibrate without issue (which is typical). It went Ready. I placed my artwork and was about to press Print when all of a sudden I heard the gantry moving in the other room. Sure enough I look at the status and it’s Calibrating again. Then went offline for just a moment, then went back to Ready and all was fine.

Still… weird.

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I’m having all sorts of issues tonight.

Well, I spoke too soon. I did two jobs in a row, then it decided to calibrate again (including head-jamming into the left side). Now it’s stuck on calibrating. Gonna cycle power and try again.

Re: camera head homing/calibrating: the unit clearly has no limit switches. I assume the unit is able to detect a “head strike” as illustrated in the coffee cup example. Why don’t they just “lightly strike the left side of gantry first, then move to back of unit to strike again. Then make a centering move which will be close to camera (the fixed number of motor “steps” to place the head precisely under the camera for the final “G” symbol check) and then it’s ready to run… problem solved, move on.

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Mine is never coming back from ‘offline’ without me logging out and logging back in, which means losing anything I was working on.

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I feel your pain. My job finished, but I was going to do a second pass on the engraving and the trouble began. This is the first time I’ve had any problems in quite some time.

Exactly, no problems recently until this.

After cycling power 3 or 4 times with the head directly underneath the camera, I finally got it to calibrate by moving the head about 1" to the right and front of the back left corner. Probably just coincidental, but throwing that out there in case it helps.

If it calibrates I get scanning forever. If it scans … it did it once.

Last Saturday evening there were some issues.

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Thank you for your reports! The team’s been chasing this down over the last hour and thinks they found the culprit. Please start a new thread if you see any similar problems.

(I know this because I was waiting on the solution to start a print with my kids tonight too!)