Repeating a Traced Design

Once I have traced a design or drawing, how do I go about repeating that same image several times on the same Project (i.e. same piece of material)
I have read everywhere trying to find an answer and still cant seem to find one…and I am still learning!
Thanks ya’ll!!!

Sounds like you just need to copy and paste your design.

Control-C (or Command-C on a Mac) to copy.
Control-V (or Command-V on a Mac) to paste.

Hit paste a few times for multiple copies. Then position them around your material.

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I tried copy and paste by right clicking design, selecting Copy, then had to click off of design and went to open space on material and clicked again but nothing happens…seems like there would be a repeat option in the glowforge subscription…BUT THERE IS NOT!
So amIi doing it wrong…I am using a Surface Book (windows), not using my Mac for Glowforge because it doesnt have the detachable touchscreen to work on!

Right click and Copy does not work, select the items first, then CTRL+C, followed by CTRL+V. Then you can shift the copy where you want it.

(Yeah, I know it’s a new control key to learn, but that’s how it works in the GFUI.)


OK…Jules…that worked…not a problem to remember controls but I just couldnt find the answer anywhere without asking and that is really frustrating…I mean how much time do I have to spend reading, trial & error wasting materials, beating the learning curve before I can use this baby professionally, ya know…SORRY just get very frustrated
But hey, thanks so much for your help Jules…I was wondering how in the hell someone who does production (which the Pro is made for) can hammer out their designs when I can even cut & paste!!!

Have you seen the tutorials? (They save a lot of time hunting for information.)

One of them here:


I read all the tutorials…even read the contract we have to agree to word for word…but couldn’t get back to anyplace that I could find that discussed it (repeating patterns)
Maybe its just me right now trying to absorb so much, but I don’t find it very maneuverable to get from one subject to another, even when I do a search and I refine the search as much as I possibly can
I will check out the link though Jules…thanks again!

If you read the “Learn By Doing Your First Prints” this is there. Keyboard Shortcuts – Glowforge

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If you mean maneuvering within the forum - in your settings you can change it so that external links open in a new tab as the default. I find that extremely helpful. It won’t help with internal links, but it’ll get you halfway there.

Thanks for the answer @jestelle and @Jules, that’s right. And thank you @dklgood and @deirdrebeth for the great tips in getting more out of our Support pages and from the Community Forum!

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