Replaced carriage plate, stilll not working, i need some help

Hi, Ive reached out to support, but seeing if I can get some more help now… My gf has been grinding and making a bumping noise when i start it up… So i figured it was my carriage plate. They sent me a new one, just installed it, tightened the wheel etc. It’s still making the same noise and I’m at my last straw… has this happened to anyone, what am i doing wrong?

“Bumping and grinding” sounds like the machine is having trouble calibrating at startup. Sometimes having dark material on the bed can confuse it.
With the power off, try positioning the head directly under the camera and turn the glowforge on. See if that helps.

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Thank you! I have tried that unfortunately!

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The carriage plate is only one of a few places that move. You might use your phone’s camera to look into all the places that move and post them here. It is not unusual for some bit of material to get caught someplace well hidden that the camera is the best way to look. :grin:

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Possible to upload a video of what’s going on?

Hi @kenzierdrake. I’m sorry to see that you’ve continued to run into trouble after the replacement parts for your carriage plate, belt and pulley were installed. I just sent an email to your original ticket for next steps to get you printing again. To avoid any miscommunication or confusion, I will go ahead and close this thread. I’ll look forward to hearing back through the email ticket soon. Thank you!