Replacement Belt

I had a fire and didn’t get to it in time to save the black belt that moves the printer head. I need another one sent to me as soon as possible. I left a message on the website and was told I would get an invoice, but it has been 4 days with no invoice. I have DMd on IG, Twitter, and sent additional emails and no responses. I am getting ready for a craft fair and BrewFest and unable to make anything. I know that is not their issue, but I am getting nervous on how long this will actually take to arrive. How long does it typically take to get an invoice?

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Have they already been in contact with you about checking over the head for other potential damage? Was it just the belt?

(Just asking because if you haven’t heard back from them, they might be going over the logs to see if there was anything else impacted, and they would need to round everything up or make arrangements to take care of it all at once, so it might be some time before you hear what’s next.)

Hope it just turns out to be the belt. :slightly_smiling_face:

They did get back with us and said they would send an invoice. And that if we see any additional damage to send them photos. We didn’t find any additional damaged and I followed up with them the next day to inquire about the invoice and let them know there was no other damage. At this point I think it’s a waiting game :frowning:

Well, that means they’re arranging for it, which means contacting the repair facility if they don’t have one on hand, so yeah…probably won’t be too much longer. Hang in there.

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Sorry to hear about the fire. I’m working on a backup plan myself for the possibility of a catastrophic failure when I’m needing to get work done.

My backup plan for the Glowforge is to hope it does not happen. Now for my CNC lathe I have all the electronic boards in house as spares.

Maybe the best Glowforge back up is a second unit?


The thought has absolutely crossed my mind. If I have to I can use my scroll saw for a few orders but my engraved leather not so much.

We have a sublimation printer so there is always a Plan B, but I wouldn’t it be nice if we could buy the parts we need more easily?

GF support does not build machines or stock parts. They have to reach out to the manufacturer, obtain a price and shipping estimate, create a one-time invoice. Some support staff will respond here on weekends, but the company that builds them and would have that part almost certainly does not work weekends.

Belts are not considered consumable parts. A fire is considered pretty much a machine-ending event, as it should ever be left unattended. So it’s understandable they are not set up to supply them.

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I think a second unit is the way to go, but I think I will go with something other than a GF. I love my GF, but it kinda feels like putting all your eggs in the same basket, you know? I’m really looking at an 80 watt universal. No huge outlay of capital and parts are available.


I feel very much the same way. But I will probably build one; Lasersaur for example.


Thanks for your input. Fortunately I was at the machine but not able to extinguish the masking fast enough before it caused some damage to the belt. I completely understand that they are not a manufacturer, I would not expect them to be. The email said I would be getting an invoice on Wed. On Monday when I had not received an invoice, any correspondence or update I reached out to them for a follow up. This one just comes down to communication, or a lack there of on this particular issue.

I’m so sorry for the delay, but it looks like we got everything sorted out in email, so I’m going to close this topic.

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