Replacement fan for the carriage plate

Fans of this type usually are pretty inexpensive, anyone know if there is someplace to order replacements from. Every once in a while, I’d just like to pop in a new one rather than hassling with cleaning.

To be more specific, one with the correct connector already in place. Ideally I’d like to have a clean one always ready to go and then just swap them and get back to printing and clean the other at my convenience.

I know someone on here posted the part number for the fan, but AFAIK no one has found one off the shelf with the correct connectors. If you do, let us know!

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I bought a couple of these to have as spares for the air assist fan. It cost me $14.88 total. They ship from China, but the shipping time wasn’t that bad; about three weeks, I think. The part number matches the fan on my GF. I haven’t replaced it yet, so I’m not sure if the connector is exactly the same. If not, you could always splice the old connector to the new fan.


is the go to person on all this stuff!


For a long time I had problems with buildup on the fan due to my using strong magnets. Until I figured that out I would set a vacuum hose on the outlet which would spin up the fan if it was free to spin, and pour hand sanitizer in the fan intake near the center. If the fan was not freed it quickly would be and the rapid spinning would toss off whatever gunk till it was very clean where it counted and work much better. As the dissolved gunk left with the vacuum and the sanitizer quickly evaporated at the end neither affected any other part of the machine.

As for how dirty it got before I started this?..

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The connector looks like a JST PH 2.0 4 pin connector. Amazon 20 sets 6.99 hove not tried yet. If someone

Will let me know I will look into getting a couple of spare fans and connectors

some enterprising person could make a jumper from the required connector to the swapped out fan connector. :slight_smile:

Thanks all, I’d definitely pay someone for a jumper so I could easily swap fans!

Thanks! This is way less expensive than buying a replacement carriage plate from Glowforge. I almost wonder if they intentionally don’t sell replacements for this fan separately on the Glowforge store, so they can charge more for the whole carriage plate assembly. I’m probably just being paranoid, which is typical for me.

Buy a couple extras and make one of these: