Replacement fan

Does anybody know where I can get a replacement mode the exhaust fan?? I check on the website and either glowforge doesn’t sell it or I couldn’t find it.

I started up my machine and heard a loud noise from the fan. I removed the hose, made sure everything was clean and tried again. This time I heard like something broke. I checked again and one of the fan blades broke into pieces.

So I removed the broken pieces and tried it out and it sounded like a small generator. After a few minutes the fan stopped working.

If you search the forum for “in-line fan” you will find many cases where folks are using external in-line fans in their venting setup which works as well or better (if you get a 6” fan) than the original exhaust fan. Then you can toggle the switch that turns off your exhaust fan (it’s in the three dots menu, where you tell it you have a filter) and not worry about it. It’s also quieter.

The other alternatives are to buy a fan to replace yours and install it yourself (it’s doable in a Basic but much less so in a Pro) or send your Glowforge in for repair.

Personally, I’d go for the in-line fan option.


Ditto to what @cynd11 said - the inline fans are also WAY quieter - though you may find that the broken blade (which still spins if it’s off when air moves past it) will still make noise since its unbalanced.

You are correct that they don’t sell that part on the website. If your machine is still under warranty they’ll fix it for you free, but if not they’ll offer to invoice you for a repair. Sometimes they’re willing to send replacement parts for items that are not technically user-replaceable. So there’s a chance :slight_smile:

I used my machine for over a year almost everyday (3-7 hours) and since day 3 I turned off Glowforge fan and switched too external fan. Much better and less noise.

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It took me almost a year because I was frozen in indecision on which fan to buy. I’m sad for every day I dealt with that high pitch fan whine :stuck_out_tongue:

AC Infinity are the best fans. 4" is enough but I purchased 6" too. They do same work.

Also I have GF filter box which works perfectly too without using in-line fan.

I actually returned my 6" Vivosun because it was way louder than my 4" Vivosun (despite physics indicating it should not be that way). I now have two 4" Vivosuns; one right at the back of the machine and one at the window and it’s perfect.

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Hi @mellow6strings - I’m sorry to hear you’ve run into this issue with your fan.

If the fan has broken, our current recommendation would be to work on getting a replacement printer sent your way, as this isn’t a part we currently spot replace.

Regarding a replacement fan, our manual has direction on this topic, and, I can’t offer any help that runs counter to the usage in the manual. If you’d like to discuss this with others further, it may be best to move this discussion to the Beyond the Manual section of our community: Users there may be able to help. Note that advice in this section is unsupported and is not reviewed by Glowforge.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to assist!

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