Replacement Filters for Air-filter

Does any one know if the Air-filter will need a replacement filter?
If so how much are they and how often will it need to be replaced?

The filter cartridges will be consumables. Price TBD, but early guestimates seem to be in the $200-250 range. Longevity will necessarily be dependent on frequency & duration of use as well as the materials being processed.


I hope someone from the staff will see this and answer but yes, there almost certainly will be parts that are consumable.

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There is a recent post from staff in problems and support about these particular questions - that I’m not able to track down at the moment. It gave a large range on replacement time (anywhere from a month to a year or better depending on what material you’re using and how often you are using the machine) and a price, expected to be under $250.


I have no idea of the design specs, but from the necessity to clean the fan grill eventually, I would anticipate a pre filter that may or may not be user serviceable - But the charcoal will need replacing at a frequency determined by how much of what you process like @dwardio said.

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Thank for the feedback.
I am trying to determine if I should cancel the air-filter.
I have the ability to vent outside (although it would look better if I could use the filter.)
$750 seems cheap compared to other filters that I see online, but also expensive if it needs frequent replacement of $250 filters, and if it does not filter very good.
I guess I will have plenty of time to decide :confused:
The fact that they still haven’t figured it out has me worried.
There may be a good reason that filters available now cost twice as much and are much larger.


Just my speculation, but I don’t think it’s a matter of them not having a final design, more that the number of people who want a filter are dwarfed by the number of orders that don’t.

My personal perspective is if you have the ability to vent outside and don’t anticipate taking your laser on the road, spend that money on materials.

FWIW, pretty much all the alternatives also have consumable expensive filters. The makerspace where I used to try to zap things not uncommonly had their laser out of service for days/weeks waiting for a replacement filter.

Now that I have my Pro and am using it vented the value of the filter to me is dropping. However, where I live I am concerned about any venting solution in the winter. Maybe that is overblown as well? I don’t doubt the filter will be more convenient and maybe doing a mix (sometimes filter, sometimes vented outside) will be possible?? I’m really hoping a dual-use setup will be possible.

I get it that all of these have replacement filers, and the price of the filters do seem to hover in the $200-$250 range
My concern is that the :glowforge: Air-filter device is half as much and at least half as large as other filter systems currently available.
How effective will it be? Does that mean that we will need to replace the filters twice as often? Is this another revenue stream? The larger more expensive ones seem to have a more generic type filter, not a filter cartridge (I could be wrong about this) which may make it cheaper than it would be otherwise. Just do not know enough, but leaning toward @PrintToLaser 's advice and putting the $750 toward more materials. But I don’t have to decide until next June!


Yeah, I’m not sure either. I’ve got a pretty good setup for exhaust here, so filter would mostly be for travel. Or at least so I can tell myself :neutral_face:

Several folks have fashioned a few pieces of foam insulation with a 4" round hole to slip into the window opening, so that you are not as exposed as just running a vent out of a completely open window. If you have a casement window or similar type this could be more difficult.

The other consumable they mentioned was the laser tube.

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Rita posted this recently:

Glowforge repair over lifetime of unit

Dan said something similar long ago:

So $249.99 (plus shipping and handling :smirk:)

Actually, I’m guessing the replacement filter might be more than they’re currently expecting.

You also asked about frequency. Rita’s response gave a range depending on use.
For machines under heavy use, they thought monthly replacement might be necessary.

recent post

No answer needed. Just something to ponder. Did you buy the Filter after the initial crowdfunding? Asking whether you paid $750. The early bird price was lower and we would only get back what was paid, not today’s cost.

I bought it at a lower price, two days after the “campaign period”. I don’t know how much it was then. It does not show up separately on the purchase history, only as $1000 for the filter ($7000 for the pro) then later down the invoice the “pre-order discount” of $3205 for everything. $750 is how much it costs now. The current price seems about the same as the $1000 with a pre-order discount but haven’t done the math.
Has anyone actually gotten the refund for the filter? If so how much?

Campaign price was $500.