REPLACEMENT GF arrives SUPER damaged


JUST received my replacement GF Basic today… THIS is what I find in the box upon opening…

The Next Biggest Hurdle? Shipping Damage

NONE of the packing stuff that was in my original GF was even inside the thing!

This is 0 for 2 on delivering a product I can even use.

The Next Biggest Hurdle? Shipping Damage

ehhhh. Craziness!

I’m thinking that :glowforge: needs to seriously consider shipping these on a pallet =/


How bad was the box damaged?


Still waiting on FedEx to pick up the original non-functioning unit, and now I might as well tape this box up as well, without ever taking it out.

Seriously, I’m not even sure I can deal with this after such a long wait…



If shipping remains a problem and completed Glowforges are just stacking up waiting for a solution --> I’d be willing to drive to a central point to pick up my unit that had been shipped on a pallet. Say Pittsburgh, Cleveland, or Buffalo. :sunglasses:


Oh man, that stinks! Did it have the knobs or strips on the rails?

@Rita @dan!


Much easier if one has a car.


One knob was screwed in on the right, but I don’t see the rubber rail that fits under the rollers.
On the left side, I don’t see a knob (maybe it’s loose inside the housing.) but the roller strip looks like it’s in the back, loose.


Man, sorry to hear that! The excitement of getting the unit followed by that level of disappointment must be really tough. Hopefully this gets straightened out rapidly and shipments pick up pace.


So sorry. That is like having the most delicious bite of food pulled out of your mouth just before you taste it. Bummer.


Hrmm. Not even sure how that’s even possible. The rail stops are supposed to be threaded into the Y Axis rails. Looks one was just placed in but not threaded? Very odd. I won’t call that ‘super damaged’ just the gantry is racked to all hell.


Interesting. My guess would be someone was rushing and forgot to put the second knob in (at a minimum). Without it, the gantry would be swinging around like crazy, kinda like what happened.

Sorry this happened, hopefully it gets resolved quickly.


This box opened from the top and had white foam inserts (unlike my first one, which had black foam and had a shell top half of the box that lifted off,) and it didn’t have any of the interior foam inserts that my original GF came with (that held the laser head, and cushioned the gantry.)


So, so sorry for that damage. The whole shipping ordeal is just something I never would have expected. I do hope they can make it right as soon as possible. It’s like it got rolled like a wheel down a hill and if one of those stops was not tightened all the way, goodbye gantry.


Another thing that was worrisome was that my GF was on the UPS truck for over 13 hours (if you’ve ever driven on New Orleans roads, you’d know you might as well be off-roading.)
The UPS truck was completely empty other than my 2 boxes when he pulled up to my apartment. Last stop.


I’m happy to bash UPS, but I’m not sold it left the factory as per the final packing checklist. Then add some gentle handling. That the first one was an out of box failure, and now this, just sucks so bad.


But why not pack the interior foam inserts? That seems like more than just "in a hurry."
That’s entire steps of the process completely skipped.

Also (Just checked) that the laser head was packed with my accessories box, so… was this the 1st generation packaging before they made the improvements?

The Next Biggest Hurdle? Shipping Damage

I am so sorry. We’ll get you a new unit quickly. I see you emailed us about this, too so I’m going to close this topic.

The Next Biggest Hurdle? Shipping Damage