Replacement GFPro arrived and not cutting through any PF materials

We got our first Pro last month, after using it for 15 days or so, we had to have it replaced due to not cutting on the right side of any projects. We got the warranty replacement this past weekend and have only been able to have three projects cut all the way thru, but only after readjusting the settings (all proof grade materials).

Yesterday, I went to cut out a large project for a client and it looked great, but when it was finished, it hadn’t cut thru the draft board. So I ran it through again, same thing - no real changes in the depth of the cut. Tonight we cleaned all the lenses and the crumb tray, and tried to do the Cut for Good Measure to test it out, it didn’t work.

Anyone else have any ideas? I want to love this machine, as it’s been on my “must have” list forever - but after having 2 machines have problems like this, I’m not sure. Is there something I’m missing?

This is the official troubleshooting, just to make sure you’ve gone through it and can save time when Support asks:

If you have done all of that, and your machine isn’t cutting through Proofgrade material on default settings, your best bet is to work through it with GF support. They have the logs and ability to make changes to your laser’s calibration or send you parts or a new machine if need be. As one of many owners of a Glowforge that works perfectly (and has done so for years now), I do believe you’ll get it sorted out, even if you were unlucky enough to need a couple of replacements.

In the meantime, if I had that problem and just wanted to get some stuff made, I’d keep using those adjusted settings.

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Yay! Finally someone has posted a problem without resorting to anger or outright whining and asking the question everyone should first ask. My personal philosophy is to always ask “is it me?” before pointing fingers. Even the most logical or technically proficient person should do so. Actually the smarter a person is the more likely they to won’t look in the mirror. Your issue may very well be 100% the machine. But kudos for the introspective baby steps.

Sorry, don’t have any suggestions.


@stephinrealtime I am so sorry your Glowforge printer is not cutting through your material.

It looks like we responded to your email regarding this on Thursday. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post and we will continue following up with you there.